Climate Control Systems

Your simple and economical solution to extreme cold and heat

Remodel your home with cost-effective and elegant air conditioning systems adaptable to your style

Los Climate Control Systems are able to magically turn hot air into cold, and vice versa, a mechanism that has dramatically evolved in recent years to cater for all your needs. Forget about those big monstrosities that used to invade your living room. You can now enjoy selecting from a wide variety of designs that can be easily concealed or even coordinated with different areas of your home or office.

With Swimming Pool Heating you can enjoy ideal temperature and humidity conditions by using an air handling system appropriate to your type of pool. On the outside, for example, you can make use of cost-effective heat pumps, electric water heaters and boilers. For the inside, dehumidifiers , are essential as they prevent excessively high levels of humidity which are not recommended for humans. In both cases, Solar Energy is clearly one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways of allowing you to double or even triple your pool time.

If you are part of the percentage of ex-pats who still suffer from the hot summers because of not having Air Conditioning, don’t worry, we offer a wide variety of systemssystems and equipment with various benefits.

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